Who we are, and what we do.

Company - US based, offered worldwide. Located in Pennsylvania, USA, kordMotion is a provider of premium quality mainstream illustrative stock motion imagery of broad commercial appeal, to clients in the visual communication industries. We regularly supply new content to the largest established stock footage libraries around the world.

Mission - Offer the best of what you want. Our selection is tiny, fresh, and top quality. We strive to distribute the most relevant, hard to access and duplicate visuals, made at the most beautiful moments. We understand you buy content for a purpose, and with all the many choices available, you only want to pay for the very best.

Content – North American destinations and topics in Digital HD and 4K UHD real-time and time-lapse video clips. Most clips are establishing shots in static locked downs, with some slow tilts, pans, and rack focus. Most clips run between 5 - 60 seconds. No audio is offered.

History - Short, but wide. In 2012 established stills photographers Russell Kord and Maria de Kord began producing digital video clips using DSLRs for photo libraries. Today kordMotion supplies established stock footage distributors, and all clips are shot with digital cameras that output CinemaDNG RAW.

Experience & Process - 25 years, professional, global. Both Russell and Maria have decades of worldwide location experience, use premium cameras and optics, and cutting edge technology. Combined with no-compromise edits, this assures the technical excellence of our visuals and a problem free ingest of content into client workflows.

Technical Sandards - CinemaDNG RAW, natural grading. Real-time video clips are now recorded in Uncompressed Raw 1920x1080 HD, and we will offer 12-bit Raw Full 4K UHD shortly. Time-lapse clips are available in 1920x1080 HD and Full 5K UHD. Video meets BBC/EBU broadcast standard. Clips shot in RAW CinemaDNG are quickly available in digital Apple ProRes 4444, Apple ProRes422 (HQ), and Avid DNxHD delivery formats. Clips are also offered in compressed H.264/H.265 codecs for online and mobile applications.

We understand the importance of realistic color balance, so we grade for a natural color palette. We do not heavily stylize our footage. Graduated lens filters are used on some sunset and twilight clips. Overlays of moons and fireworks have been applied to some clips. These manipluated clips are clearly captioned.

With lengthening digital asset lifecycles, choosing high pixel density visuals at the outset is essential for flexibility, continuity, and value.

Licencing - All kordMotion clips are offered on Rights Managed (RM) licences. Your audience won't see the same RF clips that pop up everywhere else. Pay only for the rights you need, for the period and territories you require.

Clearances - Clips shot with Content Editors in mind. It is always the responsibility of the client to obtain any and all necessary clearances. Whenever possible we shoot clips in ways that do not infringe on third party rights. This is sometimes unavoidable, especially in urban settings where branded content is ubiquitous.

Online Services - See it All, See it First, Get it Fast.  Most clients license our clips through distributors that offer great service at competitive prices,  but if you need something special - access to CinemaDNG sequences, clip variations, or service outside office hours - this is the place. Here we offer our complete searchable selection of 2,500+ clips as low resolution SD Previews, including the newest. We offer a lot of versions of each motif because clients needs differ. Browsing clips on this website is free and open to all. No password is necessary.

If you require clips that are not offered by your local distributor, please e-mail us a list of clip numbers and a brief project description, your distribution, length of use, and delivery format needs. We can quickly negotiate a price and provide files.

Stills - 10,000+ motifs, 40,000+ shots.  Many of the same motifs we offer as video are also available as high resolution Rights Managed (RM) still photographs. Our stills are suitable for large print reproduction in retail, trade show, and POP environments, to support the marketing of your project. Search our stills directly at www.kordcoimages.com .

If you made it this far, well done and thanks - it's a lot to read! We hope you understand the underpinnings of our visuals, and still have energy to view them.

Give us a call, or text to   (1) 646.812.6162